DeAgostini supplies most everything needed to build the model (except super glue), but I have put together a list of additional items that I found improve the experience. These are just suggestions, there is no need to do it exactly this way.

Work Space

This model is going to take a long time to build, so having a good work space to assemble it is important. I created a dedicated location with a small table and laid down a self-healing 24×36″ craft mat by Dahle:

Dahle Vantage 24″x36″ Self-Healing Cutting Mat

This has a light blue blue background with a 1/2″ grid, imperial and metric rulers, and is big enough to cover my workspace.

Screwdriver Set

DeAgostini provides a basic screwdriver along with the first issue. However, I found that these tools are not that great, so instead I used this precision screwdriver/tool set by ORIA:

ORIA 86 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

This set has many other useful tools such as different sharp-point tweezers, razor knife, magnetizing block, pry tools, etc.

Another screwdriver set I recently picked up is fantastic, but it does not contain any of the other tools. This is the iFixit Manta Driver Kit:

Then, I finally got my hands on a set of amazing Wera Kraftform Phillip-head screwdrivers. These things are nearly indestructible:

Wera 2050 PH/4 Kraftform Micro Phillips Precision Screwdriver Set


This model is assembled using dozens of tiny screws. The screws bags are not marked by DeAgostini, but are referred to in the instructions by size.  As there will be many different types of screws used keeping them organized is extremely helpful. And, since DeAgostini includes extra screws in every issue, you will need someplace to store them all.

I bought a cheap 36-slot organizer from Amazon but any similar product would work fine. I added small designation labels to each compartment to keep everything tidy.

36 Grid Storage Organizer

Helpful Details

I have put together pages to help explain some of the build’s more complex pieces:

Custom Modifications (Mods)

If you plan on modifying your model, you may want to look into some of the many mods available to us before you start building.

See my MODS page for details.

The Community

Finally, there are a lot of other DeAgostini 1:2 scale Star Wars R2-D2 model builders online where you can learn more about the kit, build tips and tricks, videos, ask questions, and join discussions. Don’t be a stranger, we are friendly!

Official DeAgostini Forums
YouTube Channels

Before I bought my full kit, I found a few channels that are a great presentation of the build and may help provide insight into what it takes to build this model:

World of Wayne

This set of videos from Wayne documents his build of the Fanhome R2-D2 in the UK (this is the same kit, different source). His videos are fantastic and provide a lot of detail and camera angles for each issue.

The life of Brien

This set of videos features follows Dave Brien as he builds the DeAgostini R2-D2, also in the UK. This is a great series for the first-time builder.

Facebook Groups

There are also Facebook groups dedicated to the build. There is a ton of information and help to be found. The best one I have found is:

Build the R2-D2 by DeAgostini/Fanhome – Partwork Central

Next Up

 Issue 1 – Processor State Indicator, Right Shoulder Plate, Primary Photoreceptor Housing

11 thoughts on “GETTING STARTED”

  1. really appreciate the hard work you put in your webpages.

    Just received a bunch of boxes of R2 and plan on starting soon. Noticed that your link on this page to your mods actually links to your Terminator page.

  2. I have been wanting one of these for years im concerned i dont have the money to make it and all the things to make it done right im not technition

    1. Hi Nick i have one thats built and looking to sell it, down sizing my house and it must go to a good home, if interested my email is it cost me in the region of a £1000 but im open to sensible offers, just down load the app and control it. Let me know if interested and ill send you some pics regards Mark

  3. Thanks for your effort in putting this site together. It was extremely helpful in my build. I have 2 questions. I’m starting the Batmobile from Fanhome. Will you be doing a site on this build? Secondly, what do you think of Agora models?

    1. You are very welcome – glad the site could help out! I do not have current plans to build the ’66 Batmobile. As for Agora, my experience with them has been excellent!

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