During the build of the DeAgostini 1:2 scale Star Wars R2-D2 model, you will use many different kinds of hardware. The screws vary in types and sizes, but are all Phillips-head and appear to be metric. The nuts all appear to be the same. DeAgostini chose to not label any of this hardware nor indicate their sizes in the parts lists. This is not very helpful, especially when they refer to them as 4 mm or ‘short’ in the instructions. Thankfully, one consistent thing is that the black screws are for attaching to plastic and the silver screws are for attaching to metal.

To try to help sort it out, I have put together a list of every hardware type used in the build, as well as their specifications. Using a set of precision calipers, I measured all of the hardware I have encountered so far. Any missing data in the tables will be added when I receive that hardware in later issues.

Please note that these values are based on my own observations, so they may not be perfect (use at your own risk).

SizeColorHead TypeForSupplied with Issue(s)
2x4 mmBlackPanPlastic1, 24, 28, 45
2x6 mmSilverPanMetal1, 5, 7, 11, 16, 21, 24, 32, 35, 39, 41
2.3x6 mmBlackPanPlastic5, 7, 11, 16, 21, 24, 28, 32, 35, 41, 44, 50
2x4 mmSilverPanMetal5, 11, 24, 28, 32, 47, 50
2.3x4 mmBlackPanPlastic5, 44
2x4 mmSilver5, 11, 16, 21, 24, 32
2.5x6 mmSilverPanMetal11, 44
2.5x5 mmSilver11, 44, 47
2.3x3 mmBlackCountersunkPlastic16
2.5x5 mmSilverPanMetal21
2.5x10 mmSilverPanMetal28
2x12 mmBlackPanPlastic35
2x18 mmBlackPanPlastic35
3x21 mmSilverCountersunkMetal41
2x6 mmSilverCountersunkMetal41


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Building the 1:2 scale Star Wars R2-D2 from DeAgostini