During the build of this DeAgostini 1:2 scale Star Wars R2-D2 partwork model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts supplied and screws used in each issue. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

IssueContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Head and Right Leg7733
02Right Leg81569
03Right Leg and Head Features41909
04Right Leg and Battery Box32209
05Head Bearing and Frame Components426413
06Diagnostic Display531417
07Head Frame and Leg Components839623
08Head Frame and Ankle Components645831
09Head Frame and Rear Projector Parts8532051
10Head Frame, Lens and Leg Parts457657
11Head Frame and Support Spindle259259
12Head Frame and Leg Components665968
13Head Frame and Base Components873775
14Head Frame and Leg Components578479
15Head Frame Components4821897
16Head Frame Components183299
17Head Frame Components and Wiring3862101
18Head Frames and Microphone6926107
19Right Leg Frame and Details3950107
20Head Frame, Sensor and Leg Parts3982109
21Right Leg Parts and Fixing Screws210010119
22Logic Function Displays31034123
23Head Frame Components31062125
24Right Wheel Parts31094129
25Head Frame Components41132131
26Wheel Mounting, Axle and Bearing31164135
27Projector Display Screen, Lens Holder and Wiring31192137
28Wheel Bearing and Mounting Plate21214141
29Projector Lenses, LED and Wiring61271142
30Right Wheel Drive Motor513221163
31Right Foot Components31356169
32Right Foot Sensor11361170
33Dome Frame and Foot Parts414027197
34Fuel Cell Parts131538205
35Lightsaber Storage Tube91627212
36Left Shoulder Fittings41664216
37Lightsaber Ejector Mechanism71738224
38Left Leg Parts111840224
39Left Leg Details41882226
40Left Leg Details and Lightsaber Parts31910226
41Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber81993229
42Left Leg Components32020229
43Left Ankle Components72094233
44Left Leg Components321213246
45Leg Details and Display Components82205251
46Left Leg Frame and Details102300251
47Left Leg Parts72372253
48Left Shoulder Sensor12380253
49Wheel Mounting and Axle Parts32414257
50Left Wheel and Dome Parts62474261
51Metal Dome Casing12480261
52Sensor Control Board22500261
53Sensor Test Board32530261
54Wheel Support and Dome Panels72604265
55Left Wheel Drive Motor126121286
56Dome Panels and Left Foot Parts92702288
57Dome Panel and Left Foot Parts52755293
58Dome Panel and Left Foot Parts62816299
59Dome Panel and Left Fuel Cell Parts152968307
60Dome Fittings and Leg Parts133090307
61Dome Fittings and Leg Parts73160307
62Dome and Head Frame Fittings143304311
63Dome Fittings133430311
64Dome Fittings835117328
65Dome Fittings153667335
66Dome Fittings and Circuit Board83748343
67Body Frames43784347
68Body Panel63845352
69Body Frames43882354
70Body Panel and Details739510364
71Body Frames640110374
73Body Frame Supports64118385
74Body Panel and Details942012397
75Body Frames642614411
76Body Panel and Details124385416
77Body Frames and Dome Fittings114496422
78Tool Compartment and Tools2046916438
79Body Frame Fittings34725443
80Front Body Panel and Details1048213456
81Body Frames54874460
82Front Body Details and Sensors1350019479
83Body Frames and Rotary Sensors1051018497
84Spacecraft Linkage Arms2353317514
85Body Panel and Details653914528
86Tool Compartment and Tool Arm1355221549
87Dome Support Frame655814563
88Base Panels and Electronics65647570
89Centre Foot and Leg Details115754574
90Centre Foot and Leg Details105854578
91Centre Foot Parts1860336614
92Battery Box and Charger46070614
93Mountings for the Electronics461112626
94Microcontroller Unit (MCU)36144630
95Dome Drive Components96234634
96Dome Drive Motor36268642
97Wiring and Camera376632644
98Sensor Mounts and Brackets1167414658
99Dome Circuit Board16756664
100Mains Adaptor and Wiring186938672

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