ISSUES 71-80

This is just a page to group the issues by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 71 – Bottom Ring Sections, Internal Support, Ring Connectors
  • Issue 72 – External Vent, Speaker, Speaker Grille, Speaker Rear Cover
  • Issue 73 – Internal Supports, Spacer Rods
  • Issue 74 – Left Side Body Panel, Shoulder Seal, Side Plate/Grille, Rear Plate/Grille, Panel Connectors
  • Issue 75 – Middle Ring Sections, Ring Connectors
  • Issue 76 – Left Front Body Panel, Shoulder Seal, Heat Exhaust Shell/Grille, Front Plate/Grille, Allen Screws
  • Issue 77 – Left Leg Support, Leg Support Bracket, Cable Ties/Tube, Allen Screws
  • Issue 78 – Left Tool Compartment/Door, Gripper Components, Tool Arm Components, Cover Connectors, Hinges
  • Issue 79 – Right Leg Support, Leg Support Bracket, Spacer Rod
  • Issue 80 – Front Panel, Data Slot, Switch Board/Buttons/Cable/Back Plate/Support, Panel Detail, Recharge Coupling

Building the 1:2 scale Star Wars R2-D2 from DeAgostini