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“The components provided with this issue include the large outer plate for the main structure of R2-D2’s right leg. You have also received the metal castings for the external details of the leg, which you will start assembling here and continue over the next few issues.”

In this issue, we will be using the six (6) 2×6 mm silver screws from Issue 1. This is also the first issue where we will require the use of super glue (liquid CA – cyanoacrylate adhesive).



Materials: Other than the plastic Right Leg Outer Plate, everything in this issue is metal.


  • Building The Galaxy – Designing R2-D2, Part 2
  • Droid Directory – 3PO-Series Protocol Droids, Part 1
  • Understanding Robotics – Integrated Circuits
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


R2-D2’s Right Leg

Step 1

Collect all of the parts from this issue as well as the Right Shoulder Plate from Issue 1:

Step 2

Take the Stabiliser and insert it into the slot of the Right Shoulder Plate ensuring it is the correct way as shown:

Step 3

Fasten the Stabiliser into place from behind with two (2) of the 2×6 mm silver screws we received with Issue 1:

Step 4

Place one of the Lubrication Fittings into one of the square holes in the Right Shoulder Plate, aligning the pin and keyhole (circled below):

Step 5

Fix the Lubrication Fitting into place from behind with one (1) 2×6 mm silver screw:

And, repeat the same process for the other Lubrication Fitting:

Step 6

The Hydraulic Arm Piston has a D-shaped hole to fit the end of the Hydraulic Arm Shaft into. Place a drop of super glue into the hole and press these two parts together for a few seconds to bond them:

Step 7

Fit this assembly into the appropriate Right Leg Outer Plate holes, making sure it is orientated as shown:

Step 8

Turn the leg plate over and fasten the assembly into place with two (2) 2×6 mm silver screws:

Step 9

Apply a small drop of super glue on the pin of the Cap, then press it into the hole of the Hydraulic Arm Coupler:

Step 10

Align the slot of the Hydraulic Arm Coupler with the grooves of the Hydraulic Arm Piston and slide it into place as shown. Use a small bit of super glue here to fasten the parts together:

Steps 11-12

You can place the Right Shoulder Plate and Right Leg Outer Plate together to see how they will eventually be attached in later issues:


Now we are getting somewhere! The right leg is starting to take shape. Overall, the model still feels small to me, but I am still excited to continue on with this build. Keep this Right Leg Outer Plate assembly somewhere safe as it will not be used again until Issue 30. The rest of the leg will be used sooner.

Next Up

 Issue 3 – Right Leg Outer Casing, Primary Photoreceptor Lens/Extension, Test Circuit

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