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“The parts provided with this issue include the large outer casing for R2-D2’s right leg. You have also received the two components to complete the exterior of his primary photoreceptor, and the test circuit board for his processor state indicator, which you will connect up in Issue 4.”

This issue basically has no construction steps. It only consists of test fitting parts and an electrics test circuit we can’t use just yet.



Materials: Everything non-electrical in this issue is plastic.


  • Building The Galaxy – Motion Control Filming
  • Droid Directory – R2-Series Astromech Droids, Part 2
  • Understanding Robotics – Printed Circuit Boards
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


R2-D2’s Right Leg and Head Features

Steps 1-3

Align the Right Leg Outer Casing over the Right Outer Leg Plate from Issue 2 and press the six pins into the corresponding holes. Be sure not to damage the metal hydraulic arm parts in the middle.

This step is only a temporary test fit and will not be attached until a later issue:

Steps 4-5

Take the Primary Photoreceptor Lens and place it behind the Primary Photoreceptor Faceplate (also from Issue 1) with the curved part of lens facing through the hole as shown.

Like above, this step is only a temporary test fit and will not be attached until a later issue. To protect the lens from damage, I chose to leave the protective film in place until we actually install this permanently in Issue 98. As it turns out, DeAgostini provides a different lens in Issue 97 anyway. This later one is much less dark than this one to allow the camera behind it to see better.

Steps 6-7

Press the tab of the Primary Photoreceptor Extension into the rectangular slot on the Primary Photoreceptor Faceplate as shown:

Steps 8-11

Take the larger connector plug attached to the LED Cluster assembly we built back in Issue 1 and connect it to the OUT port on the Control Circuit Board with Test Buttons.

This plug is keyed like all the others and should only connect in one direction, do not force it:


Well, after the last issue, this one is a little disappointing. All we did is test fit some parts and connect a cable to the test board. Luckily, we get the Battery Box in the next issue so we can start lighting things up.

Next Up

 Issue 4 – Leg Pivot Cover, Right Ankle Plate, Battery Box

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