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“This issue’s parts are used to extend the framework around the top of R2-D2’s dome and complete the details on his right ankle joint. You have also received two of the metal sections that will form the first full ring around the dome, plus a connector to start assembling them. You will complete the circle – and the top third of the dome framework – in [Issue 9].”

No screws are included this time, so we will be using screws provided in earlier issues.



Materials: The Ring Frames and Ring Frame Connector are metal while the Dome Frames and Right Ankle Detail are plastic.


  • Building The Galaxy – The Weapon of a Jedi
  • Droid Directory – Imperial Mark IV Sentry Droid
  • Understanding Robotics – Humanoid Robots
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Extending the Head Chassis

Step 1

We need the dome assembly from the last issue, the two new Dome Frames, and four (4) 2×6 mm silver screws and nuts.

This is where we will be adding the new Dome Frame parts. Note the locations of these new frames relating to the Dome Top Plate:

Steps 2-8

Refer to Issue 5 on how to attach these Dome Frames as the process is exactly the same as before. The unique Dome Frame with the round hole is where the upper projector housing will fit in later issues:

Starting the Top Ring

Steps 1-2

The Ring Frames have dovetail joints that align the connections between them.

These parts are identical so it does not matter which ends you use at this point. I chose to keep all the stamped part numbers on the same side:

Step 3

Press the Ring Frame sections together and fit the Ring Frame Connector under the joint:

Steps 4-5

Fasten the connector into place with two (2) 2×4 mm silver screws.

Do not use the 2×6 mm silver screws they mention from Issue 7! They are too long and will stick out the other side:

R2-D2’s Right Ankle Fitting

Step 1

Start with the two Leg Detail assemblies from Issue 7, together with this issue’s Right Ankle Detail.

The slots in the Right Ankle Detail are important for the next step, so I have circled them below:

Step 2

There are five flanges inside each Leg Detail. Take note of the longer central flange (circled below):

Steps 3-5

Slide the Leg Details onto the Right Ankle Detail, aligning the central flange with the slot.

These will still be loose here, but will be fastened into place in the next steps:

Step 6

Remove the Right Ankle Plate we test fitted onto the right leg back in Issue 4. The four pegs of the ankle fitting will fit into the four holes of the ankle plate:

Steps 8-9

Secure the ankle fitting assembly to the Right Ankle Plate from behind with two (2) 2.3×6 mm black screws.

The silver tabs of the two Leg Details should protrude through the ankle plate, as shown:

Step 10

Once again, we can test fit this updated ankle plate onto the right leg again to see what it looks like:


We have almost finished the top part of the dome chassis! Unfortunately, DeAgostini did not send me Month/Pack 3 which contains the next four issues. This means the build is on hold for a while. I hope it doesn’t take as long as my other partwork back orders. Until next time!

Next Up

 Issue 9 – Dome Frame, Ring Frame, Projector Body/Mount

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