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“This issue’s parts are used to complete the upper third of the framework underneath R2-D2’s dome. You have also received four components that fit together to make the secondary holographic projector that fits on the rear of his head.”

No screws are included this time, so we will be using screws provided in earlier issues.



Materials: The Dome Frame and projector parts are plastic, but the Ring Frame/Connectors are metal.


  • Building The Galaxy – Creating a ‘Used’ Galaxy
  • Droid Directory – CZ-Series Secretary/Business Communication Droid
  • Understanding Robotics – ABS Structural Plastic
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Extending the Head Chassis

Step 1

We will need the Ring Frame assembly from the previous issue, and the Ring Frame and Ring Frame Connectors from this issue:

Step 2

Align the dovetail ends of the new Ring Frame (DF-06) to the previous assembly. It will only fit one way:

Steps 3-4

Fit a Ring Frame Connector (on the same side as the first one) across one of the joints and secure with two (2) 2×4 mm silver screws:

Step 5

Repeat the last step to secure the other Ring Frame Connector to the other joint with two (2) 2×4 mm silver screws:

This completes the upper ring frame:

Steps 6-8

Retrieve the dome framework assembly from the previous issue, and fit the new Dome Frame (DF-04) into the gap. There are two locating pins to help align it:

Secure with two (2) 2×6 mm silver screws and nuts.

Refer to Issue 5 on how to attach these Dome Frames as the process is exactly the same as before:

Step 9

Align this framework with the upper ring frame, as shown, noting the two holes (circled below) will straddle the gap in the framework:

Step 10

Press the framework down onto the ring, fitting all of the locating pins on the framework into their matching holes on the ring:

Step 11

Fit a nut into this hexagonal recess in the framework:

Step 12

While holding the nut in place, secure the parts together from the other side with one (1) 2×6 mm silver screw:

Steps 13-15

Continue adding nuts and eleven (11) more 2×6 mm silver screws, until all twelve nuts around the ring are secured:

R2-D2’s Rear Holographic Projector

Steps 1-3

Fit the clear Projector Shell (DF-27) into the Projector Lens (DF-28), making sure it sits flush:

Steps 4-5

Fit this assembly into the Projector Pivot from behind:

Steps 6-11

Fit the Projector Mount to the rear of this assembly, aligning the screw holes, and secure the Projector Mount in place with two (2) 2.3×4 mm black screws.

The silver Projector Pivot doesn’t actually attach to anything, and this is easier to do with it removed. Just align the Projector Mount to the back of the Projector Lens and secure the screws:

Then, slide it all back into the Projector Pivot as before, turning it until it sits flush:


I’m so happy that issues 9-12 finally showed up! With this issue, we have completed the top third of the dome framework as well as the rear holographic projector. Keep the projector safe (it will not be used until Issue 64), but the framework will be used in the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 10 – Camera Lens Mount, Dome Frame, Front/Rear Right Leg Frames

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