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“This issue includes the last two parts of the central metal ring that supports the framework of R2-D2’s dome. You have also received two connectors to complete the assembly.”




Materials: Everything in this issue is metal.


  • Building The Galaxy – Starting ‘Chapter II’
  • Droid Directory – Imperial Viper Probe Droids
  • Understanding Robotics – Remote-Control Warfare
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Assembling the Centre Ring

Step 1

Retrieve the Ring Frame assembly and extra Ring Frame Connector from the previous issue:

Step 2

Attach a Ring Frame Connector to the onto the end of the Ring Frame DF-18 from the previous issue with one (1) 2×4 mm silver screw. Make sure the connector is on the same side of the assembly as the connector that is already installed:

Steps 3-5

Fit Ring Frame DF-17 into the dovetail joint of Ring Frame DF-18 and secure with one (1) 2×4 mm silver screw:

The whole ring assembly should now look like this:

Steps 6-7

Fit the dovetail joints of both ends of Ring Frame DF-16 to the ends of Ring Frame DF-17 and Ring Frame DF-19:

Step  8

Secure Ring Frame DF-16 into place at both ends with four (4) 2×4 mm silver screws and the remaining Ring Frame Connectors:

Attaching the Chassis

Steps 1-2

Align the flat section of the Dome Frame DF-11 against the flat section of Ring Frame DF-16 to ensure alignment. The Ring Frame Connectors should be facing into the dome.

This is harder than it looks, and the pictures in the magazine do not help much. But, I have noticed that there is an arrow pressed into the metal here…

And, closer in:

There is a small tab on one of the Dome Frames here…

Line up the arrow on the Ring Frame assembly with this tab of the Dome Frame (with the Ring Frame Connectors facing into the dome) and you should be able to get all the locating pins on the Dome Frames to sit into their matching holes of the Ring Frames, like this:

Step 3

The twelve holes in the Ring Frame assembly should line up with the hexagonal recesses in the Dome Frames (three are circled below):

Step 4

As in Issue 9, follow the same process using twelve (12) 2×6 mm silver screws and 2×4 mm nuts to attach the Ring Frame:


OK, the dome chassis is now 2/3 complete and has become quite robust and hefty. In the next issues, we start on the bottom layer of Dome Frames that will complete the dome chassis.

Next Up

 Issue 16 – Dome Frame

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