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“You have already assembled the outer part of R2-D2’s right leg. In this [issue], you add details to finish off the inner leg frame, which will form part of a strong box structure.”

Apparently, we are taking a break from the dome frame to go back to working on the leg for a single issue.



Materials: Everything in this issue is plastic.


  • Building The Galaxy – Under Pressure
  • Droid Directory – FX-Series Medical Droids Part 2
  • Understanding Robotics – Robot Kits
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Adding the Leg Details

Step 1

This issue only contains three parts, and both of the Right Detail parts are identical:

Steps 2-5

Slide the Leg Details down into these slots of the Leg Frame.

I chose to use a little super glue here to hold these firmly in place:


Two parts installed in a few seconds. It took longer to take the photographs. This is just another quirk of doing partwork builds; some of the issues are trivial and seem to exist only to expand out the subscription.

Next Up

 Issue 20 – Dome Frame, Right Ankle Mounting Plate, Right Sensor

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