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“This issue includes two parts for R2-D2’s right leg. Keep the white cover until later, when it will be fitted to tidy up the inside of his ankle joint. This time, you will be fitting the metal frames that run from the shoulder down to his right wheel, for which you have received one of the mounting components.”

This issue brings together many of the right leg components we have put aside from earlier issues.



Materials: The mounting plate is metal, but the rear cover is plastic.


Screw112.3x6 mmBlackPanPlastic
Screw72.5x5 mmSilverPanMetal
Nut52x4 mmSilver
Screw32x6 mmSilverPanMetal


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  • Droid Directory – 8D8-Series Smelter Droids
  • Understanding Robotics – Nanorobotics
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Assembling the Right Leg

Step 1

We are going to need the leg assembly from Issue 3, the metal Leg Frame assembly from Issue 12, the Right Ankle Mounting Plate from Issue 20, and the Right Wheel Mounting Plate from this issue:

Step 2

Align the metal Leg Frame into the right leg assembly as shown:

Step 3

Screw the parts together with eight (8) 2.3×6 mm black screws (locations circled below):

Step 4

Slide the Right Ankle Mounting Plate over the end of the leg, curved edge facing outwards and shallow recesses facing towards the leg:

Step 5

Turn the leg assembly over and attach the Right Wheel Mounting Plate to the end of the leg with two (2) 2.5×5 mm silver screws, as shown:


Look at that, the right leg has some good weight and strength to it now! This leg part will be used again in Issue 26, however we did not use the Right Leg Bottom Rear Cover in this issue, so keep it safe until Issue 30.

Next Up

 Issue 22 – Logic Function Displays LCD/Outer Shell/Mounting Plate

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