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“The ABS part supplied this time will complete the internal framework for R2-D2’s head dome. It includes a large opening that will be used to mount the display completed in [Issue] 22. You also have another piece of the bottom ring frame, which you should keep safely for now.”




Materials: The Dome Frame is plastic in this issue, but the unused Ring Frame and Connectors are metal.


  • Building The Galaxy – Changing Scale
  • Droid Directory – IG-RM Series Security Droids
  • Understanding Robotics – Service Robots
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Right Wheel Assembly

Steps 1-2

Retrieve the dome assembly from Issue 23. Fit the Dome Frame to the dome at this location, aligning the pins and holes:

Steps 3-5

While holding the Dome Frame in place, fit a 2×4 mm nut into each hexagonal recess and secure with two (2) 2×6 mm silver screws:

Step 6

The assembly of the dome’s internal framework is now complete.

For this picture, I slid the Primary Photoreceptor into the dome for fun:


It took a long time to get to this point, but the internal dome chassis is pretty much complete. There is still a bottom ring to attach in Issue 33, but it feels good to have made it this far successfully. It also gives you a better idea of the scale of the model. It is still smaller than I hoped, but it looks fantastic!

Next Up

 Issue 26 – Inner Wheel Support Plate, Axle, Bearing

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