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“The part provided this time are engineered from metal, and are designed to carry R2-D2’s right wheel and support a considerable weight. You can test-fit the wheel now, and will attach it permanently in [Issue] 28, when you receive the outer support plate and another bearing.”




Materials: Everything is metal in this issue.


  • Building The Galaxy – Fights and Fatherhood
  • Droid Directory – Imperial Astromechs
  • Understanding Robotics – Artificial ‘Animals’
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Right Wheel Assembly

Steps 1-2

Retrieve the leg assembly from Issue 21. The smooth side of the Inner Wheel Support Plate has two pins that will align with these matching holes in the Right Wheel Mounting Plate (circled below):

Steps 3-5

Fit the pins into the holes of the Right Wheel Mounting Plate and secure with four (4) 2×6 mm silver screws.

NOTE: The instructions say to use 6mm screws, but we should use four (4) 2×4 mm silver screws here:

Steps 6-7

Turn the entire assembly over and fit the Bearing into the circular recess of the Inner Wheel Support Plate:

Step 8

Fit the square end of the Axle through the Wheel we built back in Issue 24 (from the side with the square recess around the hole).

This takes some effort to push all the way in, but make sure it is sitting flush:

Step 9

Fit the smaller round end of the Axle into the Bearing we installed in the earlier steps.

This is a temporary fit to see how the wheel fits into the leg and how it spins. It will be loose until secured in place with Issue 28:


We are another step closer to completing the right leg. This was a fun issue as I like when random components start coming together!

Next Up

 Issue 27 – Projector Display Screen/Circuit Board, Lens Holder

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    1. I believe you are correct as I did have to use 2x4mm on the other leg, so I have updated this page. Thank you for the feedback!

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