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“The two main parts provided this time are the base that finishes off R2-D2’s right foot, and the final ring frame that completes the base of the chassis inside his dome. You also have two powerbus cables, which will fitted to R2-D2’s foot later on.”

Keep the Powerbus Cables nearby as we will be using them in the next issue. Also, you may want to skip adding this Foot Base as we will have to remove it again in Issue 52 to install a ‘Sensor Calibration Panel’ behind the Infrared Sensor.



Materials: The Foot Base is plastic, the Ring Frame is metal, and the Powerbus Cables have metal ends with a braided cord in between.


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Fitting the Foot Base

Step 1

Align the Foot Base with the foot assembly from the previous issue. Note the six lugs and matching holes, as well as the infrared ports:

Step 2

Press the Foot Base into place flush, ensuring the two infrared sensors fit through the holes in the base:

Steps 3-4

Secure the Foot Base with six (6) 2.3×6 mm black screws:

Assembling the Base Ring

Step 1

We are going to need the Ring Frame DF-40 in this issue, the Bottom Ring Frame DF-38 from Issue 23, the Bottom Ring Frame DF-39 from Issue 25, and the three (3) Ring Frame Connectors from both Issue 23 and Issue 25:

Step 2

Attach a Ring Frame Connector to the Bottom Ring Frame DF-38 on the side opposite the stamped part number using one (1) 2×4 mm silver screw:

Steps 3-4

Fit the end of Bottom Ring Frame DF-39 into the dovetail joint we just attached, and secure with one (1) 2×4 mm silver screw:

Step 5

Using the steps above, add the two remaining Ring Frame Connectors to the ends of this assembly using two (2) 2×4 mm silver screws. Keep the connectors all on the same side of the ring:

Step 6

Attach Ring Frame DF-40 to this assembly with the two (2) 2×4 mm silver screws. Make sure all of the stamped part numbers are on the same side:

Attaching the Chassis

Step 1

Align the completed ring with the dome chassis with the connectors facing the dome:

Step 2

There are arrow pointers on both Bottom Ring Frame DF-39 and the Dome Frame DF-20 to ensure the ring is positioned correctly:

Steps 3-7

Press the Ring Frame into place flush under the dome chassis, making sure all the plastic pins fit into the matching holes. Then, as we have done before, secure the ring into place with fifteen (15) 2×6 mm silver screws and 2×4 mm nuts:


The dome framework is complete! It is now prepared to attach the metal outer casing and electronics to the inside in Issue 64. Keep it in a very safe location until then. Again, you may not want to install the Foot Base until we add the extra sensor panel in Issue 52.

Next Up

 Issue 34 – Fuel Cell Outer Covers, Quick-Release Fuel System Latches, Motor Test Cable, Plugs

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  1. thanks for you tip about the sensor gap thing, I would have been ticked off if I had to take the foot apart – your guide rocks, I don’t even bother looking at the magazines anymore.

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