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“The parts provided with this [issue] include the large outer casing for R2-D2’s left leg. You have also received the first two components to build the lightsaber that fits inside his head compartment, which you will be assembling in the next [issue].”

I took the photos for this issue with my new Canon 90D DSLR. However, after a long micro focus adjustment session, I neglected to turn RAW format back on. So, I apologize if these images seem to be of less quality than usual!



Materials: The lightsaber pieces in this issue are metal, but the Left Leg Outer Casing is plastic.


  • Building The Galaxy – Timetables and Treatments
  • Droid Directory – Octuptarra Combat Tri-Droid
  • Understanding Robotics – Autonomous Vehicle Technology
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Adding the Leg Detail

Steps 1-3

Align the Left Leg Outer Casing with the matching recesses in the Left Leg Outer Plate from the previous issue and press it into place:

Step 4

Make sure the part is fully seated:


Four steps completed in one action. That makes for a very fast issue, but this assembly will not be needed again until Issue 44. Regardless, it is nice to see some of the first lightsaber components.

Next Up

 Issue 41 – Lightsaber Crystal Housing/Grip Ridges/Stabilising Ring/Blade Emitter/Activator

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