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“The first of this [issue’s] parts are two metal sections from the internal frame for R2-D2’s left leg, which is assembled in a similar way to the right leg. You also have an external moulding for his ankle.”

Get ready for what might be the shortest issue we’ve seen so far…



Materials: The leg frames are metal and the ankle plate is plastic.


  • Building The Galaxy – The Bear Necessities
  • Droid Directory – Polis Massan Medical Droids
  • Understanding Robotics – Carnegie Mellon University
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


R2-D2’s Left Leg Frame

Steps 1-3

Take the Front Left Leg Frame and the Rear Left Leg Frame and slide the two dovetail joints together until flush, as shown:


What the heck was that?! I feel robbed. All of the steps are basically just one procedure. The Left Ankle Joint was not even used and will have to wait for a later issue. Both of the leg frames will be used in Issue 44. At least I still feel some residual excitement from building the lightsaber in the last issue.

Next Up

 Issue 43 – Left Ankle/Leg Details

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