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“This [issue’s] parts are used to complete the external details on R2-D2’s left ankle joint, the white moulded component that was provided with [Issue] 42.”




Materials: The blue Left Ankle Detail is plastic, but the rest of the parts are metal.


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R2-D2’s Left Ankle Fittings

Steps 1-2

NOTE: I am going to skip the instructions here and use the original method from the right leg details in Issue 7. The actual instructions in this issue assemble these in a backwards order from the first time, but the first way was better…

Fit one of the plain rings (LPR-13) over the stepped end of LPR-14:

Steps 3-5

Press one of the LPR-12 parts into the end of the assembly, making sure the lugs (circled in red) fit into the notches (circled in blue):

Step 6

While holding the parts together, drive one (1) 2×6 mm silver screw into the hole in the base of LPR-14 to connect the parts:

Repeat the previous step to complete the other Leg Detail:

Step 7

Prepare the two assemblies together with the Left Ankle Detail:

The slots in the Left Ankle Detail are important for the next step, so I have circled them below:

Step 8

There are five flanges inside each Leg Detail. Take note of the longer central flange (circled below):

Steps 9-11

Slide the Leg Details onto the Left Ankle Detail, aligning the central flange with the slot.

Steps 12-13

The four pegs and two tabs of this assembly will fit into the four holes and two slots of the Left Ankle Plate. Press them together:

Steps 14-15

Holding the assembly together, turn it over and secure the ankle details into place with two (2) 2.3×6 mm black screws:


I have no idea why DeAgostini thought it would be a good idea to come up with a second way of building these ankle details, but the result is the same. We will not use these parts again until Issue 55 so keep them safe for now.

Next Up

 Issue 44 – Front/Rear Left Leg Lower Frames, Leg Frame Connector

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