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“This [issue’s] components include more details to add to R2-D2’s left leg, but the main assembly is for the processor state indicator fitted to the rear of his dome. Similar to the one at the front that flashes blue and red, this one flashes yellow and green, and is constructed much the same way as in [Issues] 14.”




Materials: Everything non-electrical in this issue is plastic.


TypeQuantitySizeColorHead TypeFor
Screw42x4 mmBlackPanPlastic


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The LED Display

Step 1

Fit the LED Cluster for Processor State Indicator into the LED Cluster Mounting Plate so the three-pin socket fits through the hole and aligns the three screw holes:

Step 2

Secure this with three (3) 2×4 mm black screws just tight enough to hold the cluster in place. Do not overtighten these screws as this may crack the mounting:

Steps 3-6

Unwrap the LED Cable, and using the smaller plug, connect it to the back of the LED cluster. This plug connector and socket are keyed to only fit correctly one way, so there is no need to force it:

Testing the LED Panel

This LED cluster can be tested in the same exact way as the first LEDs back in Issue 4. Connect this LED Cable to the OUT socket of the Control Circuit Board, turn the Battery Box ON, and then press the buttons:

Pressing the S1 button should light only the yellow LEDs. I dimmed my studio lights here to make the LEDs more visible:

Pressing the S2 button should light only the green LEDs:

R2-D2’s Left Ankle Fittings

Steps 1-5

Match up parts Left Ankle Detail LPR-28 and Left Ankle Detail LPR-29 and secure into place with one (1) 2.3×4 mm black screw. Repeat this process with Left Ankle Detail LPR-30 and Left Ankle Detail LPR-31, which are mirrors of the previous parts:


This particular LED assembly can be safely stored until Issue 65. The Sensor Cable was not used and can be stored with the left ankle fittings assembly until Issue 55.

Next Up

 Issue 46 – Left Leg Frame, Left Details, Motor Cable, Plugs

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