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“This [issue] provides the second of R2-D2’s positional sensors, which is fitted in his left shoulder. Like the corresponding one on the right, this uses ultrasonics to measure the distance between R2-D2 and any obstacles in line with its field of sensitivity.”




Materials: The only part in this issue is electrical.


  • Building The Galaxy – First Day in the Studio
  • Droid Directory – Jedi Droids: Astromechs
  • Understanding Robotics – Security and Surveillance Robots
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Fitting the Sensor

Steps 1-3

Uncoil the Left Leg Shoulder Sensor and plug the sensor onto the round hole of the Left Leg Frame from Issue 46:

Step 4

Make sure the sensor is flush:

Step 5

Feed the sensor lead out through the large hole in the center of the shoulder:


Yet another quick one, but important. We don’t want our R2 to bounce off walls! Store this leg assembly until Issue 55.

Next Up

 Issue 49 – Left Leg Inner Wheel Support Plate, Axle, Bearing

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