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“The main part provided this time is the metal plate that is designed to carry R2-D2’s left wheel and support a considerable weight. You also have an axle and bearing, which will be fitted later in the assembly.”

These steps repeat what we did in Issue 26, but with the left leg.



Materials: All parts here are metal.


  • Building The Galaxy – Studio Direction
  • Droid Directory – Bounty-Hunting Droids
  • Understanding Robotics – Farming Robots
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Assembling the Wheel Mounting

Steps 1-2

Retrieve the leg assembly from the previous issue. The smooth side of the Inner Wheel Support Plate has two pins that will align with holes in the Left Wheel Mounting Plate:

Steps 3-5

Fit the pins into the holes of the Left Wheel Mounting Plate, press it into place, and attach the parts together:

NOTE: The instructions say to use 6mm screws (I only had two of these screws at this point), but we should use four (4) 2×4 mm silver screws here:


All these steps to add one part. Was this really a whole issue?? The Axle and Bearing were not even used, so store them with this leg assembly until Issue 54.

Next Up

 Issue 50 – Left Wheel, Dome Panel

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