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“R2-D2 travels around on wheels that project below his right and left feet, and steers by powering the two wheels separately. This [issue’s] parts are used to assemble the second wheel, which will be installed in his left foot. You have also received fixing screws for the wheel, and a blue panel to fit to the dome in the next [issue].”

These steps repeat what we did in Issue 24, but with the left wheel.



Materials: The Dome Panel is metal, but all of the wheel parts are plastic.


TypeQuantitySizeColorHead TypeFor
Screw52.3x6 mmBlackPanPlastic
Screw52x4 mmSilverPanMetal


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  • Droid Directory – T-Series Military Strategic Analysis and Tactics Droids
  • Understanding Robotics – Servo Motors
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Right Wheel Assembly

Steps 1-3

Align the four fixing lugs of the Wheel Cover LFR-06 with the holes of the Wheel and press the parts together:

Steps 4-6

Align the four holes in the Wheel Cover LFR-08 with the projecting lugs of the wheel assembly and press them together. Secure these parts with four (4) 2.3×6 mm black screws:


Well, we are halfway through the build! This is the last of the wheels, as the center leg will get a free-turning caster. Store this wheel assembly safely until Issue 54, but keep the Dome Panel and Double-Sided Tape parts nearby as they will be used in the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 51 – Dome Casing

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