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“R2-D2 travels around on wheels that project below his right and left feet, and steers by powering the two wheels separately. This stage’s parts are used to assemble the second wheel, which will be installed in his left foot. You have also received fixing screws for the wheel, and a blue panel to fit to the dome in the next stage.”

These steps repeat what we did in Issue 24, but with the left wheel.




TypeQuantitySizeColorHead TypeFor
Screw52.3x6 mmBlackPanPlastic
Screw52x4 mmSilverPanMetal


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  • Droid Directory – T-Series Military Strategic Analysis and Tactics Droids
  • Understanding Robotics – Servo Motors
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Right Wheel Assembly

Steps 1-3

Align the four fixing lugs of the Wheel Cover LFR-06 with the holes of the Wheel and press the parts together:

Steps 4-6

Align the four holes in the Wheel Cover LFR-08 with the projecting lugs of the wheel assembly and press them together. Secure these parts with four (4) 2.3×6 mm black screws:


Well, we are halfway through the build! This is the last of the wheels, as the center leg will get a free-turning caster. The Dome Panel is metal, but all of the wheel parts are plastic. Store this wheel assembly safely until Issue 54, but keep the Dome Panel and Double-Sided Tape parts nearby as they will be used in the next issue.

Running Total of screws used so far: 307

Next Up

 Issue 51 – Dome Casing

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Building the 1:2 scale Star Wars R2-D2 from DeAgostini