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“This [issue’s] component is the metal shell that covers R2-D2’s dome frame and supports the lenses, displays and flaps that feature all over his head. The dome is made from tough stainless steel, but handle it with care until you fit it over the head frame, as it can become distorted or dented without the internal bracing that the frame provides.”




Materials: This Dome Casing is metal.


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TIP: Do NOT discard the Styrofoam packing insert inside the Dome Casing! Not only can you use it to keep the casing safe between issues, but it can be an extremely helpful tool while working on it.

This Styrofoam insert can be turned upside down to hold the Dome Casing like a stand:

Fitting the First Blue Panel

Step 1

We are going to need this Dome Casing along with the Dome Panel and Double-Sided Tape from the previous issue.

These panel taping steps are only meant to hold the many Dome Frames in place until the casing is completed. Once the Dome Casing is installed over the chassis, there will be screws that press on the back of these panels to secure them permanently.

This is the opening we will install this panel into:

Step 2

The tapes are applied to the inside of the dome, above and below the opening.

I chose to deviate from these steps and apply the tape strips the Dome Panel itself. It is easier to work with the smaller panels than the Dome Casing and achieves the same result. Be careful when applying the tape strips so they will not show once installed:

Steps 3-6

Peel off the remaining backing from two tape strips and apply them to the dome, ensuring you have the correct opening.

Again, I applied the tape to the panel, so here I removed the other backing paper…

… then lightly fit the panel to the matching dome opening:

Steps 7-8

Align the Dome Panel with the opening  and press the panel firmly into place so it sits flush with the opening edges.

Now we can firmly push the Dome Panel in place. The stamped part number on the back of the panel should be towards the top of the dome:


This Dome Casing is superb and the stainless steel provides a great finish. It is already painted with the blue stripe as well. I know a lot of other builders have repainted this model’s blue parts to be more purple, but I think the color DeAgostini provides is pretty close, so I will not be painting them. You can safely store this dome assembly somewhere safe as we will not return to it until Issue 54.

Next Up

 Issue 52 – Sensor Calibration Panel, Sensor Control Board

11 thoughts on “ISSUE 51”

    1. The tape is a temporary solution to keep them in place until the head frame is installed. Then, hex screws will hold the plates in place.

  1. No, the panel is held in with screws later on the glue May mess up the panel or the silver dome. If you do use glue be very careful!

  2. So can I just leave the plates off till I get to the part where they are screwed on permanently? I really don’t want to glue them on and the tape they provided was no good for my old eyes to peel!

    1. Sure, you can wait until right before you install the frame into the dome. Just keep track of which panel is which.

  3. I couldn’t get the backing off the tape that was sent, it has a clear backing instead of white. I used scotch tape to hold the panels in place. It worked fine.

  4. Is there any other way to attach these panels to the dome? The tape really doesn’t stick very well and the panels just keep falling off. I know that the hex bolts will eventually hold them down but I’m still having trouble with a couple panels not staying in place once I get the inner framing installed. Help please

    1. You can use any thin tape (such as Scotch tape) to hold them. As you say, the hex bolts will hold them permanently in the future.

  5. Before applying the tape I did a quick wipe with an alcohol pad. The panels and inside dome aver very dirty. Might be the reason some folks have trouble with it sticking.

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