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“The main part provided this time in the sensor control board, which will be installed inside R2-D2’s body to connect all of his sensors to the central logic board. Although you are not ready to fit the sensor control board permanently yet, you will be using it in the next [issue], to test the electronic circuits that have already been assembled.”

Well, this issue is really about fixing a problem with the Infrared Sensor in the right foot from Issue 32. It appears to be a shim to make sure the sensor ‘eyes’ are sticking out through the foot far enough.



Materials: The Sensor Calibration Panel is thin plastic.


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This is the Sensor Control Board we received, but it will not used in this issue. Keep it safe until the next issue:

Fitting the Sensor Calibration Panel

Steps 1-2

Take the right leg assembly (from Issue 33), remove the six screws from the Foot Base, and remove the base.

These screws will be reused, so keep them nearby:

Steps 3-4

Remove the screw from the Infrared Sensor and carefully lift the sensor out of its recess.

This screw will be reused as well. This is the picture from the original install, but we do not need to disconnect the wire:

Step 5

Install the Sensor Calibration Panel into the recess behind the sensor, aligning the hole:

Steps 6-9

Reinstall the Infrared Sensor and screw, then reinstall the Foot Base and screws:


This issue definitely feels like we are fixing an early design mistake in the build, but it was quick and simple. More importantly, it includes the sophisticated Sensor Control Board which will allow us to test the many sensors that make up R2-D2’s electronics suite.

Next Up

 Issue 53 – Test Board/Cables

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