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“This [issue’s] parts enable you to continue assembling the outer shell for R2-D2’s dome and add the fuel cell to complete his left foot.”




Materials: The only metal in this issue is the Dome Panel – the rest is all plastic.


  • Building The Galaxy – Looking Busy, Going Nowhere
  • Droid Directory – Vulture- and Hyena-Class Droids
  • Understanding Robotics – Modular Robotics
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Fitting the Dome Panel

Step 1

Take the Dome Panel supplied and use the two strips of tape to stick it into this hole in the dome:

Since we have already installed a few of these panels already, there is no need to break down the steps each time. This is the final result:

Fitting the Left Fuel Cell

Step 1

Separate all of the Plastic Plugs from the sprues.

I recommend using sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife here for nice clean cuts:

And here, I used my sprue cutters. I just wanted to show you can use either:

Step 2

Push the six (6) shorter Plastic Plugs into these holes on the back of the left leg assembly:

Step 3

Push the two (2) longer Plastic Plugs into these holes on the back of the left leg assembly.

These plugs have a curved surface, so rotate them to align with the shape of the foot:

Step 4

Insert one of the Quick-Release Fuel System Latches into the front of the Left Fuel Cell Inner Cover, as shown:

Step 5

Fit this Left Fuel Cell Inner Cover to the foot, as shown:

Step 6

Secure this in place with four (4) 2.3×6 mm black screws:

Step 7

Fit the other Quick-Release Fuel System Latch to the front of the Left Fuel Cell Outer Cover, as shown:

Steps 8-10

Align this Left Fuel Cell Outer Cover with the inner cover, press into place, and secure with four (4) 2.3×6 mm screws:

Step 11-12

Plug one end of a Powerbus Cable (from the previous issue) into the upper socket on the foot and the other end into the inner socket of the fuel cell, as shown. Use a drop of super glue in the holes if needed:

Step 13

Fit the second Powerbus Cable into the two remaining sockets:


The left leg is really coming together now!

Next Up

 Issue 60 – Dome Top Panel, Logic Function Display Cable, Shoulder Fitting, Plugs

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