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“This [issue’s] parts enable you to continue trimming the inside of R2-D2’s left leg, and to fit two more of the blue and silver panels into his metal dome. You will use the shoulder fitting, screws and nuts later on in the assembly.”




Materials: The Dome Panels and Shoulder Fitting are metal, while the plugs are soft rubber.


TypeQuantitySizeColorHead TypeFor
Nut32x4 mmSilver
Screw32x6 mmSilverPanMetal
Screw32.5x4 mmSilverPanMetal


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Fitting the Dome Panels

Step 1

Take the Dome Panels supplied and use the two strips of tape to stick it into these holes in the dome:

We have done this many times before now and the process is the same:

One of my Double-sided Tapes had no adhesive on it, so I cut the existing one in two pieces and used it as shown:

These smaller tape pieces still hold the panels in place fine for now. Later on, we will be using screws to hold these panels more securely:

Fitting the Plastic Plugs

Steps 1-3

Separate the Plastic Plugs from the sprues. Note that these have D-shaped heads.

I recommend using sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife here for nice clean cuts:

Steps 4-5

Retrieve your left leg assembly. Push the two (2) Plastic Plugs into these holes on the back of the left leg assembly, aligning the flat sides:


More dome panels and more plugs. But, this completes the left leg! The Shoulder Fitting will not be installed until Issue 85 and this Left Leg will not be installed until Issue 91 so keep them safe for now. The screws and nuts provided here will be needed in the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 62 – Dome Panels, Projector Mount, Camera Mount

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