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“This [issue] includes two of the top panels – which now form a semicircle on top of R2-D2’s dome, together with the panel received with Issue 60. You also have one more front panel, and two mounting brackets that are fitted to the inner frame to hold the internal electronics.”




Materials: The mounts are both plastic, but the panels are metal.


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REMINDER: If you kept the foam packing bowl from Issue 51, you can use it as a stand while working on this dome assembly:

Fitting the Dome Panels

Step 1

Retrieve your Processor State Indicator Faceplate from Issue 1 and Dome Panel DP-14 from this issue. They will fit into the openings to the left of the large round hole:

One thing to note here is how the tab and notch of these two panels will line up once installed:

Step 2

Take the two Longer Double-Sided Tapes and stick them inside the dome so they span both openings, as shown.

We have used this tape many times before, so you know the process:

Step 3

Fit the faceplate into the opening so the hole is closest to the large round opening:

Step 4

Fit the Dome Panel DP-14 into the smaller opening next to the faceplate:

From the outside, it should look like this:

Step 5

Collect the Dome Panel DP-04 from Issue 60 (with the lens mounting hole) as well as the two Dome Panels DP-05 and remaining Double-sided Tapes from this issue:

Step 6

Using the keyhole slot in the top of the dome as reference, apply the Shorter Double-Sided Tapes to these four ribs inside the dome:

Step 7

Stick the Curved Double-Sided Tapes around the curved edges of these openings, as shown:

Step 8

Secure Dome Panel DP-04 into this opening, as shown relative to the keyhole slot:

Step 9

In the same way, attach the two Dome Panel DP-05 parts to the right of the installed Dome Panel DP-04, as shown here:

Installing the Mounting Brackets

Steps 1-5

Align the two holes on the Camera Mount with these two holes on the middle ring of the dome chassis, and secure with two (2) 2.5×4 mm silver screws:

Steps 6-7

Fit a 2×4 mm nut into this hexagonal recesses in the Projector Mount:

Step 8-9

While holding the nut in place, fit this Projector Mount next to the Camera Mount, just above the large circular hole in the chassis. Secure it into place from below with one (1) 2×6 mm silver screw:

Steps 10-12

Fit another nut into the second hexagonal recess and secure with another one (1) 2×6 mm silver screw from below:

This is what both mounts installed should look like:


We are quickly approaching the finish line for the dome head!

Next Up

 Issue 63 – Dome Panels, Dome Top Disc/Ring, Dome Spacers

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  1. I am after issue 62 which I have been waiting for 2yrs how can I obtain this issue to complete the build?

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