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“This [issue] includes the first large exterior panel for R2-D2’s body. You will be fitting this onto the interior framework in due course, but in this [issue] you add blue and silver details that include the curved seal around R2-D2’s right shoulder joint, and two of the external vents.”




Materials: Everything is plastic in this issue.


  • Building The Galaxy – The End of an Era
  • Droid Directory – Droids of D’Qar Resistance Base
  • Droid Directory – Droids of Maz Kanata’s Castle
  • Understanding Robotics – End-Of-Arm Tooling
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Fitting the Side Details

Steps 1-3

Fit the lug on the back of the Heat Exhaust Grille into the hole of the Heat Exhaust Shell and press them firmly together:

Step 4

Secure these together from behind with one (1) 2.3×6 mm black flanged screw:

Steps 5-6

Attach this assembly to the Right Rear Body Panel as shown, and secure with two (2) 2.3×6 mm black flanged screws:

Step 7

Align the Shoulder Seal with the two holes in the Right Rear Body Panel near the leg cutout, as shown:

Step 8

Press the pegs of the Shoulder Seal firmly into these holes:

Steps 9-10

Align the two notches of the Rear Internal Plate with the two tabs of the Rear Internal Grille and press together, as shown. The two lugs should fit up through the holes:

Step 12

Fit the tabs of this assembly into the slots of the Right Rear Body Panel and press into place:

Step 13

Secure this from behind the panel with two (2) 2x4mm black screws:


This is the first of six body panels that will make up R2-D2’s body. Each will have little details like this. Keep this panel assembly nearby as it will be needed again in Issue 70.

Next Up

 Issue 69 – Bottom Ring Sections, Internal Support, Ring Connector

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