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“This [issue’s] parts complete the bottom ring you started to assemble in [Issue] 69, after which you can join it to the bottom frame from [Issue] 67. Note that part BF-20 is identical to the one from [Issue] 69 – but you fit it the other way up, so its shape mirrors the frame on the opposite side of the body.”




Materials: Everything in this issue is metal.


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Assembling the Bottom Ring

Step 1

Collect the Bottom Ring Section assembly from Issue 69 as well the ring sections and connectors from this issue. We will also need six (6) 2x4mm silver screws that arrived with the previous issue.

Make sure you flip this new Bottom Ring Section BF-20 over, so it mirrors the other side. The part numbers on the other ring sections should all face up:

Steps 2-7

We have done this process many times before. Connect the open end of Bottom Ring Section BF-19 to the new BF-20 with a Ring Connector and two (2) 2×4 mm silver screws.

Remember, the Ring Connectors should always be on the same side of the ring (underneath in this case):

Steps 8-12

Connect the Bottom Ring Section BF-22 to both BF-20s with two Ring Connectors and four (4) 2x4mm silver screws:

This is what the assembled bottom ring should look like:

Fitting the Bottom Frame

Steps 1-3

Retrieve your Bottom Supports assembly from Issue 67. Fit this Bottom Ring assembly over the two pins on each Bottom Support, as shown.

This fits in either direction so it doesn’t matter which way you attach it:

Step 4

Make sure the Bottom Support pins go up through the Bottom Ring assembly and come out the top:

Steps 5-6

Align the holes of an Internal Support (you should have one from Issue 69 and one with this issue) over these pins on one side, as shown.

My Internal Supports were marked 1 and 2, but they appear exactly the same. Just make sure it is facing the right way:

Step 7

Hold these parts together and secure them with two (2) 2.5×8 mm countersunk screws from underneath:

Step 8

Repeat these steps on the other side with the other Internal Support and two (2) more 2.5×8 mm countersunk screws:


The bottom ring frame is now complete! Soon, we will be adding the base body parts to it.

Next Up

 Issue 72 – External Vent, Speaker, Speaker Grille, Speaker Rear Cover

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