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“R2-D2’s sound effects come from a small speaker concealed behind the vent at the base of the centre back panel of his body. The speaker is fitted behind an internal cover that holds it in place and reflects the sound.”




Materials: Everything non-electrical in this issue is plastic.


  • Building The Galaxy – Designing the Past
  • Droid Directory – Droids of Nijedha
  • Understanding Robotics – Actuators
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Fitting the Speaker

Steps 1-3

Retrieve the body panels from Issue 70 and fit the External Vent flush into the square hole (with the inside arrow pointing towards the notch), as shown in the pictures below:

Steps 4-8

Flip the panel over, align the tab on the Speaker Grille (circled below) into the same notch from the previous step, and secure the grille down with one (1) 2.3×6 mm black screw:

These steps will secure both of these parts to the body panel:

Steps 9-10

Place the Speaker into the Speaker Grille so the wires fit in the rectangular opening at the top right:

Steps 11-13

Fit this notch in the Speaker Rear Cover over the speaker wires and align the two mounting tabs to the matching holes.

The wires should fit through this notch and not be pinched in any way. I had to bend the wires towards the panel a bit to do this:

Step 14

Secure the cover in place with two (2) 2.3×6 mm black screws:


This is an interesting location for the speaker. I was hoping it would aim to the front, but we shall see how well it performs. Keep this body panel assembly nearby as we will add more to it in Issue 74.

Next Up

 Issue 73 – Internal Supports, Spacer Rods

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