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“This [issue’s] parts continue the growing internal framework for the body, as you install the second leg support and also add the spacer rod that will support the top ring, just below R2-D2’s head.”




Materials: All of the parts in this issue are metal.


TypeQuantitySizeColorHead TypeFor
Screw42.5x8 mmSilverPanMetal
Screw32.5x6 mmSilverPanMetal
Screw142.3x6 mmBlackPanPlastic
Screw52x4 mmSilverPanMetal


  • Building The Galaxy – Getting Technical
  • Droid Directory – Droids of Yavin 4
  • Understanding Robotics – Telerobotics
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Assembling the Framework

Steps 1-2

Just like in Issue 77 with the left leg, attach this Leg Support Bracket over the two pins on the Right Leg Support with two (2) 2.5×6 mm silver screws, as shown:

Step 3

Retrieve your internal framework from Issue 77. Then, align the two pins on the bottom of the Right Leg Support into the framework holes in the location below and press it home, as shown:

Steps 4-5

Secure these pieces together from below with two (2) 2.5×8 mm silver screws:

Step 6

Align the Spacer Rod with the center hole in the Middle Ring frame assembly, as shown:

Step 7

Secure the Spacer Rod into place from below with one (1) 2.5×8 mm silver screw:


After the last massive issue, this one was quick! We are slowly getting the frame built so we can start attaching body parts. Keep this framework nearby as we will need it for Issue 83.

Next Up

 Issue 80 – Front Panel, Data Slot, Switch Board/Buttons/Cable/Back Plate/Support, Panel Detail, Recharge Coupling

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