ISSUES 81-90

This is just a page to group the issues by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 81 – Top Ring Sections, Ring Connectors
  • Issue 82 – Right Tool Compartment/Door, Centre Tool Compartment/Door, Front Housing/Grilles, Ultrasonic Sensors/Housing, Hinges
  • Issue 83 – Top Ring Section, Ring Connectors, Centre Stop, Rotary Sensors/Mounts, Sensor Cables
  • Issue 84 – Upper/Lower Arms, Arm Motor/Cover/Cranks/Rods/Clutch/Pivot Mounts/Pivot Pins
  • Issue 85 – Right Front Body Panel, Shoulder Seal, Side Plate/Grille, Front Plate/Grille
  • Issue 86 – Right Tool Compartment/Door, Interface Tool Components, Cover Connectors
  • Issue 87 – Dome Support Arms, Dome Support Centre, Retaining Cap, Bearing
  • Issue 88 – Bottom Panel, Access Panel, Flexible Plate, Top Hat Washer, Charging Socket, Main Switch
  • Issue 89 – Centre Foot Left Side, Centre Foot Mounting Plate, Leg Details, Foot Details
  • Issue 90 – Centre Foot Right Side, Bumper Bar, Pivot Rod, Leg Details