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“This issue’s parts include the first set of components to make R2-D2’s centre foot and its supporting leg. You also have all the parts to make another of the lubricant filter/reservoirs that appear on the outside of R2-D2’s ankle joints.




Materials: The Centre Foot Mounting Plate is metal, while the rest of these parts are plastic.


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Assembling the Lubricator

Step 1

Arrange one set of Leg Detail lubricator parts as shown:

These lubricators are assembled in the same way the others we have built before, so I will summarize these steps:

Steps 2-4

Fit one of the Leg Detail BP-68 rings over the stepped end of a Leg Detail BP-69. Then, fit the tabs of the top Leg Detail BP-67 through the ring and into the matching notches of Leg Detail BP-69. The assembled part should look like this:

Steps 5-6

While holding these parts together, drive one (1) 2.3×6 mm black screw into the hole inside the base of BP-69 to connect the parts:

Step 7-8

Repeat the previous steps to build the other Leg Detail assembly in the same exact way:

Steps 9-13

Slide a Leg Detail assembly over each end of the Leg Detail BP-39, aligning their tabs into the slots as shown:

Steps 14-15

Fit the two tabs and two lugs of this assembly into the Centre Foot (Left Side), as shown.

This can be fitted either way, it does not matter:

Step 16

Secure the Leg Details to the foot from behind with two (2) 2.3×6 mm black screws:


This completes the left side of the middle foot. The Centre Foot Mounting Plate and two Foot Details were not used here and should be stored safely until we need them in Issue 91.

Next Up

 Issue 90 – Centre Foot Right Side, Bumper Bar, Pivot Rod, Leg Details

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