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“This issue’s parts include the second set of components to make R2-D2’s centre foot and its supporting leg, including the silver lubricant filter/reservoir. You also have two parts for the bumper bar that reacts to any contact that the droid’s foot makes with an obstacle in its path.




Materials: The Pivot Rod is metal, but everything else is plastic in this issue.


  • Building The Galaxy – Filming on Location
  • Droid Directory – R2-D2 Astromech Part 12
  • Understanding Robotics – Lab Robotics
  • Build R2-D2: Model Instructions


Assembling the Lubricator

NOTE: These steps are the same as the previous issue, only the Center Foot (Right Side) is different.

Step 1

Arrange one set of Leg Detail lubricator parts as shown:

These lubricators are assembled in the same way the others we have built before, so I will summarize these steps:

Steps 2-4

Fit one of the Leg Detail BP-68 rings over the stepped end of a Leg Detail BP-69. Then, fit the tabs of the top Leg Detail BP-67 through the ring and into the matching notches of Leg Detail BP-69. The assembled part should look like this:

Steps 5-6

While holding these parts together, drive one (1) 2.3×6 mm black screw into the hole inside the base of BP-69 to connect the parts:

Step 7-8

Repeat the previous steps to build the other Leg Detail assembly in the same exact way:

Steps 9-13

Slide a Leg Detail assembly over each end of the Leg Detail BP-39, aligning their tabs into the slots as shown:

Steps 14-15

Fit the two tabs and two lugs of this assembly into the Centre Foot (Right Side), as shown.

This can be fitted either way, it does not matter:

Step 16

Secure the Leg Details to the foot from behind with two (2) 2.3×6 mm black screws:


It feels like we just did this, doesn’t it? Keep the unused Pivot Rod and Bumper Bar nearby as they will be used in the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 91 – Centre Foot Base, Leg Key, Leg Pivot Cover, Infrared Sensor/Cable, Switches/Retainers, Castor Wheel, Plastic Plugs

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