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“R2-D2 is nearing completion. The parts you have received are used to support the motor that turns the dome, and transfer its drive smoothly via a shaft running in two ball bearings. You will receive the dome drive motor itself in [Issue] 96.




Materials: Everything in this issue is metal, except for the Cable Retainer which is plastic.


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Assembling the Drive Shaft

Steps 1-3

Press the Small Bearing down into this recess of the Dome Drive Shaft until it is flush:

Steps 4-6

Fit the Bearing Retainer over the Small Bearing as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) 2×4 mm silver screws:

Steps 7-8

Fit the Large Bearing into one of the Bearing Housing Half parts, as shown:

Steps 9-10

Fit the other Bearing Housing Half over the Large Bearing, aligning both halves together so the bearing is enclosed inside:

Step 11

While holding this assembly together, align the Cable Retainer over these two holes (NOT on the hexagonal recess side):

Step 12

Fit a nut into each of the two hexagonal openings, as shown.

I am doing these next few steps out of order as it seemed easier this way:

Step 13

Fit a small Spring Washer over the ends of two (2) 2.5×10 mm flanged silver screws, as shown:

The Spring Washer should be on the side with screw, not the nut:

Steps 14-16

While holding the nuts in place, drive these screws through the assembly from the other side and into the nuts, as shown.

Make sure the nuts remain flush in their hexagonal recesses after these screws are tightened:


These are some sturdy little parts, but they have to be to support the heavy rotating dome. Keep the Dome Spindle and Dome Motor Support Plate nearby – they will be installed in the upcoming issues.

Next Up

 Issue 96 – Dome Drive Motor/Cover, Motor Cable

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  1. The two screws here are supposed to be 2.5x10mm right? Because on your hardware page there is no 2.5x19mm screws and also the original instructions say that it’s a 2.5x10mm screw

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