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“The main part provided this time is the motor and gearbox that is used to turn R2-D2’s head. You also have a protective cover and the cable that connects the motor to the control circuit.




Materials: The Motor Cover is the only non-electronic part in this issue and it is made of plastic.


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Fitting the Drive Motor

Steps 1-3

Align the Motor Cover over the Dome Drive Motor as shown, and then press these together to clip into place:

Steps 4-5

Connect the larger plug of the Motor Cable into the socket on the Dome Drive Motor (it only fits one way):

Steps 6-8

Retrieve your Dome Motor Support Plate from the previous issues. Fit the Dome Drive Motor into the Dome Motor Support Plate as shown, aligning the shaft and four mounting holes:

Step 9

Fit the larger Spring Washers over the ends of four (4) 3×12 mm silver screws, as shown:

Steps 10-12

Loosely secure the Dome Motor Support Plate to the Dome Drive Motor with these screws. Once the final screw is inserted, tighten them all:

Steps 13-15

Retrieve your Bearing Housing assembly from the previous issue. Fit the four pins on the Bearing Housing into the matching holes of the Dome Motor Support Plate, as shown:

Step 16

Fit the small Spring Washers over four (4) 2.5×6 mm silver screws, as shown:

Steps 17-19

Loosely secure the Bearing Housing to the Dome Motor Support Plate using these screws, as shown. Once the final screw is inserted, tighten them all:

Steps 20-22

Retrieve your Dome Drive Shaft from the previous issue. Slide the Dome Drive Shaft down through the Bearing and over the square motor shaft, aligning the Dome Drive Shaft so it fits all the way down onto the motor shaft as shown:


This is a serious little motor with a mount to match. It will soon live inside our R2-D2’s head!

Next Up

 Issue 97 – Camera, Lens Cover, Cable Labels/Ties

7 thoughts on “ISSUE 96”

  1. Okay here Okay here is the engine, forget my other request please.
    But why does the motor turn only in one direction?
    Is it because of the head sensors? How do I get it to run properly for calibration?

    1. It is very likely the head sensors at the back of the body are not detecting the head has turned fully. Check the sensors and the wiring to be sure.

      1. I have now checked all cables and slots the head now turns fine. But 2 things are not ok. When patrolling it only goes in circles and the arms don’t move at all. All other functions work great.

  2. Would anyone know if the wheel motor of issue 30/55 has the same gear ratio as the dome motor 96? I know there is a difference in the shaft and that screw holes are threaded on 96. Can’t fins issue 96 for a good price so thinking to do some mods to fit wheel motor. Thanks

    1. answered my own question. I used the motor from issue 30, filed the rounded sides of the shaft, made my own cable to connect, its not perfect but good enough and works fine. No modification of screw holes needed, they are alreadt threaded for the larger size screw that is specified. Without the black cover one must be careful to tie and route the wires below the motor away from it. Issue 30 was a lot cheaper to buy than 96.

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