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“The main part provided this time is the printed circuit board (PCB) that connects the camera and microphone, as well as providing R2-D2’s Wi-Fi connection. Note that the cover that protects it from damage is removed during the installation, and not be refitted.

WARNING: This issue deals with exposed electronics and they need to be handled with special care. Never place a PCB on any conductive surface as static electricity can ruin the delicate components. Do not touch the PCB with any metal tools or parts. Finally, before handling electronics, be sure to ground yourself by touching an earthed object for a few seconds, such as a sink tap or the metal case of a grounded electronic device such as a PC or Stereo. Even something as simple as walking on carpet can build up a static charge in your body, so please be careful!



Materials: Only the electronic Dome Circuit Board is provided in this issue.


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Fitting the Circuit Board

Steps 1-2

Remove the Dome Circuit Board from its cardboard box, carefully cut the anti-static bag open near the seal, and discard the bag.

We will also need the two metal Circuit Board Supports from the previous issue:

Steps 3-5

While holding the case near the vent slots, gently lift off the cover, taking care not to touch the circuit board inside.

We will not use this cover so it can be discarded:

Steps 6-7

Attach one of the Circuit Board Supports to the case with one (1) 2.5×6 mm silver flanged screw, as shown.

You may want to leave this flanged screw (and the next one) a bit loose for now to make aligning the supports into the Dome easier:

Steps 8-10

Attach the other Circuit Board Support to the case (noting the different angle) with one (1) 2.5×6 silver flanged screw, as shown:

Steps 11-14

Inside the dome, fit the Circuit Board Supports under these Dome Support Arms as shown, and secure the supports to the arms with four (4) 2.5×6 mm silver screws.

This step is why I mentioned leaving the flanged support screws loose in the previous steps so these supports can be rotated into alignment with the screw holes on the Dome Support Arms. Once you have the supports secured to the arms, you can go ahead and tighten the flanged screws fully:

Step 15-16

Make sure you have grounded yourself, then use a fingernail to carefully rotate this ‘clamshell’ connector to the open position, as shown:

Steps 17-20

Thread the free end of the Camera ribbon cable under the Dome Support Arm and gently slide it into this connector.

It is not clear in the instructions which side of the ribbon cable should face up towards you, so I circled the small wires that should be visible here:

While holding the ribbon cable seated in the connector gently rotate the connector to the closed position, as shown:

Step 21-22

Feed the Microphone (labelled MIC) cable up past the corner of the Dome Circuit Board and plug it into this two-pin socket:


With this issue behind us, the construction of R2-D2’s Dome is now complete. All that is left is some wiring connections and the back panel installation. This has been one heck of a build and I am ready to turn it on and see what it can do!

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