Out of Stock

Well, it wouldn’t be a partwork build if the supplier didn’t have issues out of stock. I am missing the entire Month 3 pack of my DeAgostini 1:2 scale Star Wars R2-D2 which should contain Issue 9, 10, 11, and 12. DeAgostini says they are waiting on a shipment from the UK and there is no ETA. Hopefully, I can continue with other issues in the mean time.

UPDATE Sep 3, 2019: I spoke with Model Space/DeAgostini today and there is still no ETA on the Month 3 pack (or the USB key gift). We are coming up on two months since I ordered the kit with no resolution in sight.

UPDATE Oct 4, 2019: Well, Month 3 finally showed up, but the Dome Support Rod from Issue 11 is missing. Also, the USB key gift was not included. I contacted Model Space/DeAgostini support and they assured me they will send me the rod in the next few weeks.

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